New Construction has always been the driving force behind the growth of Salt Lake & Utah Counties. There is simply no other area in Utah with the room for homes of all sizes that these counties offer. This is also true of state of the art new buildings in the business parks bringing good jobs to the area.

Utah added about 24,000 new apartments, houses and other dwellings from 2017-2018, bringing the total number of homes to about 1.08 million. As we enter 2020 and beyond we can expect the same rate of growth and interest in the housing market across Salt Lake and Utah Counties. All of these builders work directly with Real Estate agents to help them sell their new homes. To have our guidance and assistance through walking lots, selecting meaningful upgrades and negotiating terms with the builders we will accompany you on your FIRST visit to represent you. Knowing what builders will and won’t do is essential to your negotiation and purchase.

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