Creighton has been a licensed real estate agent since 2000. He began his career selling new construction and loved helping buyers build their dream home and walk them through the entire construction process. He also has been involved in the investment/remodel market, owning several rental properties himself. The combination of his exposure to new construction and investment/remodels, gives him extensive knowledge of the “guts” of a home. We joke that he has “x-ray” vision when he walks in a home and has a keen eye for the potential of homes that need fixing up.

He served on the Utah HBA Sales and Marketing Council from 2005-2008, was President in 2007, and in 2008 was recognized as “Sales Manager of the Year” for Utah. His love for real estate is evident in his diligence to find out exactly what a buyer wants in a home and seek high and low for such a property.

Creighton is excited to be working with the Evans Team. When Creighton isn’t doing real estate he’s either training for a triathlon, playing Frisbee with his two black labs, or spending time with his lovely wife Natalie and their son.